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Que tu sois nouveau ou sur le point de débuter ton aventure, tu trouveras ici toutes les réponses à tes questions concernant la préparation de ton prochain voyage par exemple, ou encore sur les VTT et motos que nous utilisons. Si tu as besoin de plus d'informations, appelle-nous ou contacte-nous via notre formulaire.

  • What is a trip with Bike out?
    It's the gathering of adventurers at heart for an unforgettable road trip on electric two-wheelers. A single objective: to have a good time all together with the common thread of an itinerary off the beaten track, comfort at the stopover and above all many moments of conviviality. A coordinator oversees all our micro-events so that you only have to think of two things: enjoy and unplug.
  • Who is behind Bike Out?
    In December 2022, Gui and Alex created Bike Out, a zero-emission motorized two-wheel travel agency in France and Europe. Gui, a graduate in Geography and Cartography, was responsible for business development and then sales manager for the travel agency Vintage Rides for 7 years between India, Thailand and France Alex, a graduate of HEC entrepreneur Paris, founded the French travel agency Vintage Rides in 2006, which is now the leader in its segment.
  • Why create Bike Out?
    Recent events have made us want to offer trips closer to home. And so that these are as rich and intense as a trip to the end of the world, we wanted to add conviviality to a classic adventure trip. Traveling close is also less polluting and more respectful of the environment. We want to push this approach to the limit by offering our events on electric two-wheelers. Far be it from us to lecture others or deny our passion for two internal combustion wheels. On the contrary, we want to initiate these events with curiosity to allow as many people as possible to experience beautiful, rich, and friendly adventures on the two wheels of tomorrow.
  • Where is the company located and what are the opening hours?
    Bike Out 53 President Kruger Street, 69008 LYON Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Visits are only possible by appointment.
  • How to contact you?
    By email at By phone on 06 22 40 04 24 Directly via one of our forms
  • Do I need to have a required level to participate in a trip with you?
    On each landing page, you will find in the "summary" section, the level required. What matters is that all participants have fun while riding, each at their own pace. Kindness is essential when participating in this type of event. The spirit of competition is not our thing... If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the team who will be able to direct you to the trip made for you.
  • Do I need a specific permit to participate in a trip?
    The electrically assisted mountain bike is open to all adults, there is no specific license required. Of course, it is preferable to have already practiced cycling on paths before committing. If you are unsure of your level, contact us and we will guide you. To ride an electric motorcycle as for a thermic motorcycle, the possession of a motorcycle license is necessary. On each "destination" page, find the type of license required to be able to participate in the micro-event.
  • I have never ridden an electric mountain bike, is that a problem?
    Absolutely not. Before each departure, a training session is provided by our trip leader to explain all the characteristics of your bike. The different riding modes and the cases of use, the operation of the assistance, the different speeds, the locking of the fork and the steps to follow in the event of a problem, etc.
  • I have never ridden an electric motorcycle, is that a problem?
    Absolutely not. Before each departure, a saddle is provided by our trip leader to explain all the characteristics of the bike. The different driving modes with examples of use, the operation of the electric motor brake, etc. Also, before each registration, we ask you a few questions about your level in order to guide you as best as possible. Of course, depending on the type of machine, a motorcycle license A, A1 or A2 is required. This is specified on each destination page in the "summary" section of the "itinerary" tab.
  • What happens if I can't complete a stage?
    For most micro-events, the trip leader, who is in the support vehicle, will give you a shortcut to go directly to the end of the stage. If necessary and possible, you can also finish the stage in a vehicle with him. For micro-events without an assistance vehicle, but with a guide (for certain motorcycle trips in particular), the certified guide and holder of a state patent is trained to make the right decisions and stop you if this is necessary. The goal is to take no risks.
  • Do you need to prepare physically?
    Our micro-events do not require any particular physical condition other than simply being in good shape. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • What happens in the event of a mechanical problem?
    Don't panic, our trip leaders are trained to handle the most frequent breakdowns (flat tires for example). Also, we always have the possibility of replacing your two-wheeler if necessary and we don't have a solution at hand (on the decision of the trip leader). The replacement time may be more or less rapid depending on the geographic location of the group.
  • What happens in the event of an accident?
    As prevention is better than cure, a reminder of the security rules will be given at the start of each micro-event. Driving rules of course, but also rules of behavior in the event of an accident (the famous "protect, alert, rescue"). The caution and responsibility of everyone is therefore in order! As our trip leaders are not doctors, medical advice will be systematically requested in the event of a fall with observed physical consequences, even if the rider is not in favor of it. Our trips take place in France and Europe, medical coverage is good and each trip leader has a list of the nearest medical points.
  • Do I need to take out insurance to participate in a micro-event?
    I am of French nationality: When the micro-event takes place in France and you are of French nationality, this is not necessary if you have a social security number and a vital card. For micro events within the European Union, you can apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Be careful, however, to check the inclusions and exclusions of support. Certain treatments or expenses are not covered. Also, the advance of costs is not systematic. It is still advisable to take out additional insurance to cover any eventuality. I am of another nationality : It is advisable for each rider to take out specific travel insurance even if they hold a European health insurance card.
  • What bike gear should I come with?
    Here is the list of equipment to provide: - Shorts are mandatory and essential to preserve your buttocks from the first day. Do not hesitate to take a good padding, you will not regret it! - A helmet that meets European standards. Note that the latter can be provided by the organization if you do not have one. Get closer to the team if this is the case. - Two or three technical t-shirts - Sunglasses that also protect the side of the eyes - Gloves or mittens designed for cycling - Good sneakers with good grip - A windbreaker - A wetsuit or poncho type rain suit - Warm clothes such as thermal sweaters and pants - Good pairs of socks - Technical underwear. Everything, except cotton!
  • What motorcycle gear should I come with?
    Here is the list of equipment to provide: - A European standard helmet with chin protection - European standard gloves - High-top hiking or motorbike shoes (above the minimum malleolus) - A back protector integrated or not in a jacket - Goggles protecting the side of the eyes - A wetsuit or pants + jacket - Warm clothes such as pants and technical under-sweaters
  • Do I have to come with motorcycle or bicycle luggage?
    No need to bother too much. On a motorcycle, a small backpack with the essentials of your equipment for the day of riding will do just fine. At some MTB micro-events, we offer to mount light luggage on the handlebars. Otherwise a small backpack for the day is enough. The bottle cage and the bottle are provided by bike out.
  • Can I come with my motorcycle or my bicycle?
    If it's a zero-emission two-wheeler suitable for the route we have concocted for you, then why not. This request must, however, be submitted and approved by the team. Do not hesitate to contact them. Note: the assistance does not work on a vehicle that does not come from our fleet.
  • How to get to the start of the micro-experiments?
    On each destination page, at the end of the itinerary tab, you will find information telling you how to reach the meeting point by train or by car. If you need specific assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • How are your itineraries designed?
    Our routes are designed for zero-emission 2-wheel adventure. Whether by bike or motorbike, they have been designed around the group and the notions of sharing, discovery and the pleasures of life. For us, adventure means getting off the beaten track and getting closer to nature. It's off-road! We always opt for the maximum number of passable paths and tracks. The road/track percentage (in km) is always indicated in the "in summary" section on each trip page. The routes are updated regularly throughout the year and modified if necessary so that they are always accessible to as many people as possible. Themed trips Themed trips are frequently offered throughout the year. Subscribe to our newsletter to be one of the first to discover them. The different types of departure Open departures Registration is open to everyone, on the planned dates present on each destination page in the "dates and reservations" tab. Departures closed Registration is open to private groups only (friends, families, works councils) whose departure date and number of participants are validated in advance with the team. The different types of tours Clover circuit This is a loop circuit around a single drop point. The place of departure and arrival of each stage is the same. Itinerant Tour This is a loop circuit where the start and finish of a stage is not the same. Every evening, a new base.
  • How does it work for charging bicycles and motorcycles?
    Everything has been thought out so that your 2-wheeler has enough charge to cover the distances planned in the program. Refills are done halfway during lunch and/or overnight.
  • What type of electric bike do you use?
    We use electric, semi-rigid or full suspension mountain bikes depending on the profile of the stages. As our cycling routes take place mainly on tracks and paths, it is the ideal partner! We trust high-end bike brands whose models have proven themselves in the field.
  • What type of electric motorcycle do you use?
    We trust brands that dare, take the lead and prove themselves! These motorcycles have surprising power and sufficient autonomy for all our routes.
  • Can you send us the route before departure?
    A roadbook is made available via a mobile application a few days before departure. The plot, made available at that time, cannot be exported and made public for several reasons: All the routes required us to do a lot of work upstream, research and reconnaissance on the ground in order to avoid overcrowded routes. All this in order to offer you a unique adventure event. We sometimes have special permits to ride on private land. We work closely with local authorities who trust us to preserve the areas we cross.
  • What happens in the event of damage to the equipment?
    Depending on the type of two-wheeler we use, a credit card imprint may be requested in order to block an amount defined in advance which can be used in the event of damage to the equipment.
  • What is the size of the groups?
    During a micro-event, we promise that you will know all the participants before the end. Their number is therefore limited. The size of the groups thus varies between 5 and 20 people depending on the type of route and the availability of 2 wheels. On each "destination" page of our site, you will find the maximum number of participants in the "itinerary" section at the point "in summary".
  • How do we guide ourselves? What is the difference between support and guidance?
    At Bike Out, we believe that everyone should be the actor of their adventure. So, for most of our trips, you will be free to ride at your own pace and with whoever you want. However, we make a differentiation when necessary between accompaniment and guidance. It is indicated on each "destination" page in the "itinerary" section at the "organization" point if your micro event is guided or accompanied. Micro-event accompanied A guide, the trip leader, is present from the start of your trip and follows the group in the assistance vehicle. The latter comes to meet you several times on the course. Also, it can be reached at any time by telephone when the network allows it. To help you guide yourself, we provide you with a paper roadbook as well as an easy-to-use electronic roadbook via our mobile application. A daily briefing is carried out in order to explain the use of the application to you and to give you all the details of the driving day. ​ Guided micro-event On more technical routes or with 2 wheels requiring a particular initiation, a certified guide holding a state patent is there to teach you and allow you to make the most of your experience. It is he who leads the group along the entire route. A daily briefing is carried out to give you all the details of the riding day.
  • In which category of accommodation do we sleep? What is the comfort?
    Travelling is sleeping well! The accommodations have been carefully selected. We wanted them to be comfortable and authentic. If however we opt for less upscale accommodation, it is always in favor of authenticity. ​ All room types are available according to international classifications. If this is not the case, which can happen depending on the regions crossed, the program mentions it.
  • In terms of meals, what can I expect?
    Travelling is also about eating well. Whatever the destination, it is out of the question that you leave without having tasted the specialties of the region. So be prepared for some surprises… All meals are included (full board) to avoid any hassle of pot or splitting notes between participants. In general, meals are composed of at least 2 courses, starter/main course or main course/dessert. Breakfasts are taken before leaving the hotel. Lunches are taken in the middle of the stopover at midday and dinners are generally taken at the hotel where we spend the night. When you're on the road, our guide is never far away to offer you water, tea, or coffee. If it is a guide and there is no following vehicle, it will stop the group in small local cafes. Note: Alcohol is not included in the full board and will be payable by each participant. It is forbidden to consume alcohol during the day of driving. If you have a special diet, please let the team know and we will adapt your meals accordingly.
  • How is it for the transport of luggage?
    For itinerant routes, we plan to transport luggage by private vehicle, which allows us to get off the beaten track where luggage transport networks already exist. For the star routes, there is no need to transport your luggage since you return to your room from the night before in the evening.
  • How do I register for an adventure?
    It's very simple, you just have to follow the 3 steps process 1/ Go to the page of a micro-event and click on the button "Let's go" which is under the "dates and reservation" tab. 2/ Fill in the associated form. A member of the team will come back to you to validate your quote together. 3/ Receive by email: - a payment link to pay the deposit and thus validate your participation. - an invoice Then, you'll just have to be patient until D-Day! We remain at your disposal for more information before your departure.
  • What does the price include?
    Our rates include: - The 2 wheels (mountain bike or motorcycle) - Accommodation - Full board - A vehicle attendant providing assistance and transporting luggage or a guide providing assistance depending on the type of route. Find all the details in the "budget" section of the destination page. - The detailed road book and guidance app - Visits included in the program - Third-party insurance for electric motorcycles Our rates do not include: - Personal expenses - Drinks - Insurance (excluding third-party insurance for electric motorcycles). - Transport to get to the place of departure - Anything not mentioned in the paragraph (all our prices include).
  • How far in advance should I register?
    There are no rules, however, we advise you to get started as soon as possible for several reasons: To be sure to have a place and participate in the best experience on two wheels :-) So you don't have to prepare at the "last minute"... and forget things! Because we have to contact all our partners to book your room(s), your 2 wheels etc... in advance and because the refusal of a single partner would not allow you to join the adventure.
  • What if no date suits me, but the micro event interests me?
    Do not hesitate to contact us and suggest your dates. Depending on the filling of existing trips, we will look internally at the possibility of opening a date at your convenience.
  • Do you organize tailor-made micro-events?
    Of course, contact us via the request a quote form at the top of the home page of the website and give us as much information as possible about your project: - the number of participants, - the destination - the period - the level of comfort expected for accommodation. - etc. A member of the team will call you back with a proposal.
  • Can we book extra nights before and after the trip through you?
    No problem, we have agreements with some hotels. Contact us directly and we will take care of everything.
  • Do you offer extensions?
    If you want to have a good time before or after a micro-event, we can offer you additional activities. Get in touch and we'll look into it together.
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