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If there is a land of adventure in France, it is the “Massif Central” and particularly the regional park of Livradois-Forez. This territory located in mid-mountains area and straddling three departments, is a real playground: authentic and without fuss. You'll ride a light, fun and discreet motorcycle.  Get ready to experience a unique road-trip between rides in the forests, visits to medieval villages, and discoveries of ancestral handicrafts. This jewel in the center of France won't fail to impress you.



  • From Friday 12 April to Sunday 14 April

  • From Friday 26 April to Sunday 28 April

  • From Friday 31 May to Sunday 02 June

Are you a private group?  A family? A company?

Tell us about your project 


Icône d'une checklist représentant la rubrique en résumé.


Accepted Licence                               Motorcycle  licence

Your mount                         Escape from Electric Motion

Level                Have a successful off-road experience

Duration.                                                                       3 days

Average time of a riding day                                   5 hours

Total Length                                                              186km

Paved road /  Off-road                                    30% / 70%

Height difference (in meters)                      4750 /4751

Maximum number of participants in group                  5

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Day 1: Noirétable - Workshops / North loop - 58 km

We begin our first day with a small training on handling our motorcycles. There's nothing like small group workshops to gain confidence and discover new driving sensations. Next, We'll test all of the motorcycle's riding modes, including the progressive and regenerative engine braking, an essential element to ensure the autonomy of our batteries. 

After lunch, we'll head north and apply what we learned in the morning. We'll quickly discover the pleasure of riding on the quiet paths of the region. Along the way, we'll find the village of Cervières, whose history dates back to the 12ᵉ century. Finally, we'll return to our base camp at the end of the afternoon to enjoy our evening.

Day 2:  Noirétable / West loop - 65 km

We'll head for the Durolle gorges to start the day. This tributary of the Allier conditioned the region industrially with its old paper mills and cutlery factories. These are still the hallmark of the area today. The famous Thiers knives are sold all over the world. We will take the time to discover this age-old craft. 

We'll then return into the black woods, these thick forets, magnificent in all seasons. Our imagination will be racing when we listen to some tales and legends of these secret places, once populated by druids. The slightest path we take lets us think that we will get lost in this wild universe... Finally, We'll find our guest house and share the memories of this second day around a local dinner.

Day 3: Noirétable / southern loop - 63 km

We'll be heading south for this last day of riding, which takes us along the crests of the Forez mountains. At more than 1300 m altitude, we'll enjoy different panoramas, sometimes on the "plaine du Forez", with the hill of "Roannais" and Lyonnais in the distance and sometimes in Auvergne and its volcanoes. The forest landscapes gradually give way to sparse steppe landscapes as we gain altitude. We'll soon arrive in the territory of Hautes-Chaumes, in the heart of Haut-Forez.   If it is possible, we'll have lunch in a Jasserie, this pastoral shelter typical of the Loire region where local cheeses such as Fourme de Montbrison are made. It's time to taste the famous patia, this potato dish cooked for hours in cream (not to be compared to gratin dauphinois!), and cabbage sausage.

We'll then return on the Auvergne side to reach our starting point towards the end of the afternoon (5 p.m.).


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Ride in the middle of the  "Hautes Chaumes" steppes

Ride in the thick forests of the "Black Woods 

Taste the "patia" and cabbage sausage in a typical restaurant

Thrill while listening to the tales and legends of Livradois

Visit a cutlery

Visit medieval ruined castles 

Enjoy a breathtaking view of the chain of volcanic hills.

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Icône d'un circuit en trèfle.

Cloverleaf circuit

Icône d'un casque avec une étoile et un masque pour signifier que le voyage comprend un guide

A graduated motorcycle guide,

Icône d'une maison représentant un hôtel ou un hébergement.

Comfort and authentic accomodation

question, réponse, bulle, briefing

Daily briefing

Icône d'un thermos et d'une tasse remplie d'un liquide chaud

Full board


Prices shown per person

In a twin room (shared with another participant)

Icône de deux lits séparés servant d'illustration à la chambre twin.

990 €

In a single room

Icône d'un lit servant d'illustration à la chambre single

1140 €

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A 2022 Escape electric model

Accommodation (3* minimum)

All meals from day 1 to day 3 (except breakfast on day 1 and dinner on day 3)

A certified guide.

A half-day training

Assistance during riding days

The visit of a cutlery

Icône d'une croix servant d'illustration à la rubrique les prix ne comprennent pas.


Personal expenses

The drinks

The travel insurance

Transportation to the starting point and from the end point.

Everything that is not mentioned in the "the price includes" section


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